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Q&A About Dyed Mulch

Color Enhanced Mulch

Will the dye rub-off? The colorants tend to “set” once the mulch is spread-out and has 24-48 hours of sun and dry time. Because Colorants can rub-off on hands, clothes, pavements etc. It’s recommended you wear old clothes & gloves when working with the mulch and plan on applying the dyed mulch on a dry day when no rain is in the forecast. Refrain from watering your gardens until the colorant is fully fused to the wood fiber.

How is it made? Regular Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch is fed into a hopper, where it is combined with an Organic colorant and water. The mulch then travels up and conveyor belt to  stock pile for resale.

How long does it last? Over time Color enhanced Mulch will decompose & fade. We have found the color is visible for Approximately 9-12 months. The weather effects how long the mulch maintains its color.

Can Color Enhanced Mulch stain my driveway? Yes it can, especially if you have a concrete or paver driveway. We suggest you place a tarpoline on your driveway prior to our driver arriving with the mulch. Make sure you secure it so it does not get blown away. After we have dumped the mulch you should plan on keeping the mulch dry between uses.

Use color enhanced mulch at your own risk.

Prepare for your delivery:

  1. Chose a location on your driveway that our large truck will have enough space to unload the mulch. Mark that location a bucket or spread your tarp.
  2. We need 15-20 ft. above to safely lift the dump body to release the mulch.
  3. Prior to truck arriving, please Move vehicles out of driveway or to the side so we have sufficient room to maneuver the truck.
  4. For their safety, Please contain your pets and keep children in the house during delivery.