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Important Delivery Info

Please inform us at time of placing your order if you have any of the following concerns:

    Dump Truck Access

    • Will our trucks be manuvering under, or near any overhead objects such as power lines or tree branches that could limit our truck from clearing them.
    • Underground objects can sometimes be a concern such as, but not limited to, underground drainage, pipes, sprinkler systems, septic tanks and lines.
    • Alongside the driveway: Inform us if you have any landscape lighting, or sprinkler heads close to driveway.
    • New driveways should not be driven on by heavy trucks, please contact the driveway installer as to when it should be safe to do so.


    We except Cash, Checks, Master Card and Visa. Please have your credit ready when placing your order.

    Product Dump Location

    • Because of high demands in the spring, and for Friday and Saturday deliveries, please order early so we can deliver before your expected day of use.
    • Please remember, we do everything possible to deliver your material in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, we have no control over mother nature or the unfortunate event that our truck is disabled.
    • So that our drivers can stay on schedule, the day before delivery please place a bucket, sign or cone at the dump location, make sure your vehicles are out of the way and have payment ready.
    • Always have a second dump location in mind in case the driver cannot easily maneuver the truck to your first location.
    • For their own safety, please keep children and pets inside during delivery. Remember, if you cannot see a driver in his mirror he cannot see you.
    • If you request our truck to make a delivery off a paved surface, you the customer assumes all responsibility for any damage including towing, truck repairs, ruts in your lawn, or any other type of damage done to your property AND ours. It is not for us to predict the damage that may occur. Our drivers do their best to satisfy our customers, while at the same time trying to meet their own needs.